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Asif Siddiqui is said to be naturally inclined towards the creative aspects of life and philosophy. Born in the port capital of Karachi, Asif later graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the age of 22. From the onset of his teenage years, he has always been fascinated by aesthetic designs, whether architectural, mechanical, industrial, or supernatural. Aesthetically inclined, Asif has always strived to create the desirable, and this interest led him to study, learn, and ultimately pursue a career as a 3D modeler/animator. His skills and perseverance led to him being nicknamed after the famous TV cartoon personality Dexter, from Dexter's Lab. Because of Asif's determination to create, he has always made time for his childhood passion, 3D graphics. In addition to working in the lighting and rendering arena, Asif finds time to take part in international 3D Art Galleries and Competitions.


Synthetic Visualizations:
architectural, engineering, casual

Interactive Media:
interative presentations, whether online or offline

HDRI Development:
from High dynamic range photography to generation of HDR imagery

sbs, top/bottom, anaglyphs red/cyan, green/magenta, optimised anaglyphs

Business Development:
planning, organization, management, policies, performance, control

Spoken Languages

  • english - advance (business communication)
  • urdu - native


playing with children, dancing in the rain, taking headshots of opponents in any FPS and rioting with wife just for no reason.

Technical Skills

Highly motivated and results oriented professional with exceptional leadership and communication skills. Experienced in leading and motivating both students and associates. Strong background in the development and delivery of high impact content/services utilizing visual acuity and technical proficiencies. Solid track record of consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding company goals and objectives.
Synthetic Visualization
Interative media
Video Editing/Coding/Streaming
Stereoscopic Content

The opportunity to found a branch for a germany company maila-push GmBH back in 2007, opened new doors for my professional career, enabling me to be proficient in:


Work Experience

The Location Lab (Pvt.) Ltd.

Managing Director
foundation, planning, organization, product development, profitability and growth .

maila-push Pakistan

Branch Manager
foundation, implementation of planning, management, organization, representation, reporting.

Pixarch Architectural Visualization

Senior Artist
managing projects, production, reporting, artistic feedbacks.

Cupola Pakistan Private Limited

Project Engineer Mechanical
planning of new and maintenance of old HVAC systems, air-conditioning and exhausts.

National Development Complex

Assistant Manager Mechanical

Engineering Systems

Multimedia Professional
architectural visualizations, multimedia content production, teaching etc.


Scholars are the heirs of the prophets.

NEDUET: Karachi, Pakistan

done graduation in Mechanical Engineering, having great deal of interest in:
  • Engineering Design - concepts of drafting/designing and 2D/3D
  • Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing - CAD and CAM concepts and implementation
  • Computer Programming - basics of computer programming and implementation in Engineering field

Adamjee Govt. Science College: Karachi, Pakistan

done Pre-Engineering from top most science college of its time, with major interests in:

Falconhouse Grammar School

  • Mathematics - Calculas
  • Physics - Mechanics and steam generation
  • done Matriculation, with major interests in:
    • Computers
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Physics

    On the other hand, a True education is a never Ending process.

Featured Projects

Nike Soccer Collection

Nike Soccer Collection Nike Soccer Collection - Closeup

Inspired from a photograph within product photography category of a Digital photography magazine, have produced this artwork in 3D. Selected and published in the Product Visualization category for Ballistic Publishing “ELEMENTAL2” Book, featuring World’s best artwork created using Autodesk’s® Digital content creation solutions.

Pre-Visualization of Nazimabad Underpass

Driving in to Underpass Entering Underpass Within Underpass

This visualization is a element of a presentation of a proposal, being presented by M/S Al-Ghurair Giga through Out and About advertising, to the City District Government, Karachi, Pakistan. The proposal is about the beautification of underpass with the picturesque tile overlay depicting historical infrastructure development in Karachi on the walls of the underpass.

Pakistan Digital Tourist Guidemap

It is a comprehensive guide, being developed for PTDC®, to help the tourists who want to explore our beautiful land for Archeology, Mountaineering or just want to be inspired with Mughal Heritage. This software was inaugurated by Minister of Tourism at that time (2000), Mr. R.K. Tressler.


By following the given links, you can track latest developments, experiences and experimentations.


Telephone: 00922134969760-1
Email: asif [at]
Address: House#B-137, Block 6, KDA Scheme 24, near NIPA, Gulshan-e-Iqbal 75300, Karachi, Pakistan
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If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way.................................(Napoleon Hill)

Inspiring words, encouraging every average being to achieve the unbelievable. Its been truly said that Slow and Steady wins the race.

Philosophy of Life


Keeping myself together after the fall of maila-push, enough to put together a company of my own, with the help of my partners Usman and Kim, and unconditional support of my core staff from maila-push.

Founding, implementing systems and operating a branch of a german company in Pakistan.

Representing a strategic organization in front of top brass, for presenting the scope for new and progress of running projects.

Official Selections

3D Artwork “Nike Soccer Collection” published in the Product Visualization category for Ballistic Publishing “ELEMENTAL2” Book, featuring World’s best artwork created using Autodesk’s® Digital content creation solutions.

Same also selected to be featured on Splutterfish web gallery.

Featured Artist June 2004 in the Online Gallery Section of COMPUTER GRAPHICS WORLD website, one of the pioneer Computer Graphics and CAD magazines of United States.

Selection of one of my Animation, entitled “The Dolphins”, as a sample work to promote and market the Plugin “SplahMAX™” for 3D Studio MAX™ series.

Participated in the International Computer Art Festival PIXXEL POINT 2000(, held in Slovenia.


Rizwan Rana, HOO, ASUS Pakistan
He is passionate about meeting the needs of the business and possesses a high sense of urgency. He is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements; establishes and maintains effective relationships with peers and gains their trust and respect. He is able to foresee the future, anticipating opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. People who know him vouch for his inventive thought process and problem solving abilities as some of his strongest assets besides so many other talents he posses. These talents have translated well across various aspects of his field and has made him highly creative and most suitable for performing challenging tasks.

Aisha Anwer, GHHR, Afeef Group of Companies
Its my pleasure of recommending Mr. Asif Siddiqui the country manager of my company. I am working closely with Asif for over two years and have been highly impressed. As a country manager, Asif is my boss ,and i found him a good leader. His knowledge in the domain is exceptionally good. Every time he has inspired me with the perfection of his decision making . His interpersonal skills make him an excellent team member.He treats all his subordinates fairly ,he is powerful motivator . I strongly recommend Asif on professional grounds.

Maryam Nademi, 3D Illustrator, Dubai
Hi Assif, Nice to see your work, u have enormous talent.

Neochris Chiu, 3D Artist, Taiwan
everthing about you is pretty cool!!! Great Works..

Raveen Rajadorai, CreatureTD/Animator, Malaysia
Very nice Job! Great Work!